Nice little Canadian townEntering Canada

Lovely town somewhere near the border

Notre DameThey wanted to feel at home...

Montreal, Notre Dame

Air strip from CN TowerWould you land there??

Toronto, view of the lake from the CN Tower

CN Tower - From the glass floorI don't think I could never do bunge jumping!

CN Tower, From the glass floor

Niagara fallsNow, this is a proper waterfall

Niagara falls from the Canadian side

Biggest whirlpoolThe biggest whirlpool. They have a thing with big things over there eh?

The river south of the Niagara falls

Vancouver - Reflex on buildingI know, I know, everybody takes the reflex picture but I like it


VancouverCan you believe that I swam in that freezing water (just for about 15 minutes though)? But, say, how many times can you swim admiring the mountains in the background?

Vancouver, view of the bay

Capilano bridge entranceHere's some cool First Nations art

Vancouver, Capilano bridge entrance

Capilano bridgeI crossed that bridge

Vancouver, Capilano bridge