Kaosan roadWell known amongst backpackers, and maybe whoever saw 'The Beach' with Di Caprio

Bangkok, Khaosan Road

The Grand PalaceReally grand...

Bangkok, The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace GuardDon't mess up with this guy

Bangkok, The Grand Palace Guard

Inside the Grand PalaceQuite a different scene for us westerners eh?

Bangkok, Inside The Grand Palace

BanglamphuThis was the main road where I used to hang around in BKK. There was a superb street stall...

Bangkok, Banglamphu

Band in the marketSome live music to cheer you up after a long day shopping in the market

Chiang Mai

Christmas dinnerWhat can you shoot with a 45, a tank?

Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep in the rainAnd the King wants more rain?

Doi Suthep

Christmas dinnerWho is Indiana Jones?

Doi Suthep National Park

Big tree in KrabiHow small we are

Krabi, Rai Lay Beach

Christmas dinnerThe international snorkeling team

Ko Phi Phi

Maya beach 2Hmpf, Leonardo again

Maya Beach (The Beach)

Maya beach 1Would you say it looks like in the movie? Yes, it's nice, but...

Maya Beach (The Beach)

Pirate coveWho lives here, captain Hook?

Somewhere Near Phi Phi

Sunset on PanganDogs life?

Ko Phang-Nga

My first bungalowWell, I had to take a picture to my first bungalow. And in case you haven't been there and you're thinking to marry me because you believe I'm bloody rich, hold your horses, I paid around 6 US$ a night for that beauty. Cold shower though

Ko Phang-Nga

Pangan...ah, and it was about five minutes from the beach

Ko Phang-Nga

Father and SonHow about a walk dad?


My cellIn case somebody was doubting my word. That's the concrete slab on which I was sleeping in the monastery. Shame that you can't see the wooden pillow

Chaiya, Suan Mok, My Cell, ahem, My Room

The Post Laser Disc barThe band playing live music at night here is simply wonderful

Hat Yai, The Post Laser Disc Bar

Sukotai 2The Dawn Of Happiness


SukotaiAmazing Thailand


Koh ChangThe philosopher's den

Koh Chang