The Statue of LibertyGuess what?
It started there...

New York, The Statue of Liberty

My NY ApartmentBut careful when you choose your accommodation in NY

New York, My NY Apartment

My NY apartment furniture 2Nice ornaments though

New York, My NY Apartment Furniture

Times squareA stroll in Times Square

New York, Times Square

Crazy cowboy in NYmeeting strange people

New York, Crazy Cowboy

NY fire engine... and cute things

New York, Fire Engine

Bloody tall scaffoldingWould you go up there? I certainly wouldn't

New York, Bloody Tall Scaffolding

Central park...better a nice laid down in the park

New York, Central Perk, ehm Park

NY SubwayBut to move around you have to take the subway. Who the hell planned this? Couldn't they learn from the London Underground?

New York, The Subway

View form the ESBI'd rather see it from higher up

New York, View From The Empire State Building

Christmas dinnerI was there! Cheers in Boston (for whoever is old enough to remember the mythical series)

Boston, The Cheers Bar

SeattleFrasier has left the building


Japanese gradensRight out of a fairy tale

Portland, Japanese gardens


Portland, man making Homer Simpson

Moving houseNo wonder why in English you say that you're moving...

Somewhere Near Portland

Oregon waterfallSomewhere around Portland, Oregon

Somewhere Near Portland

Columbia riverThe Columbia river. Beautiful but unfortunately quite polluted. Some bas...rd buried nuclear waste in there!

Somewhere Near Portland

Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

Getting some suntan eh?

San Francisco, On The Bay

San Fran trolleyThese poor chaps have to move the trolley manually for us bloody tourists ;-)

San Francisco, Typical Trolley

The RockDid anyone really escape from here?

San Francisco, The Rock

Lombard StreetQuite crazy to drive down there...

San Francisco, Lombard Street

The Blues MobileWe're on a mission from God

Los Angeles, Universal Studios

Crazy VegasMaybe that's why it's so hot in Vegas?

Las Vegas

Crazy Vegas 2Lights, lights, lights

Las Vegas, Fremont Experience

Freemont ExperienceI swear it's just lights, not real fighter planes

Las Vegas, Fremont Experience

Christmas dinnerRed alert! Brace for impact

Las Vegas, Hilton, Star Trek The Experience

The Quark BarNow it's my turn to chill out.

Note for the crew:
next time don't serve Romulan beer

Las Vegas, Hilton, Star Trek The Experience

Grand CanyonWhere's the way out?

Grand Canyon